ipad = disappointing? Dell release Streak

ipad devices are designed as web surfers, e-mail photos and video. Also ipad also has a very useful future. Like the map, iBook, app store etc. But as the tools that are designed as a web surfer, quite disappointing if then IPAD can not offer perfect browsing experience. Because Apple iPad not support Flash. IPAD users without Flash support is not able to access the web content as a whole, including 70 percent of games for mobile phones, or 75 percent of the video content displayed on the Internet.

But the above is just one of the weaknesses ipad, when compared with other ipad advantages, such as maps, notes, calendar, etc.

if you want another option besides
ipad Dell has released a new product called Streak. Streak has advantages compared with ordinary computer because the size is only 5 inches so that could be inserted into the pocket. But on the other hand, the specifications make this device near the computer closer than a computer called a mobile phone. "Streak primarily for computing needs, both new to the phone.

Streak has the android operating system 1.2, users can use a variety of applications are within Dell Streak.
This computer uses Qualcomm's 1 GHz processor and 399 MB of RAM memory. This computer is perfect for enjoying music, movies, videos, and games. Tablet computer is priced approximately USD 6 million. Until the end of the year, Dell's sales target Streak reaches 10000-20000 units.